What Forvik Stands For

"Honest Government,
Honest Money"

Forvik stands for:

  • The right to truthful, transparent and accountable governance
  • The right to truthful, transparent and accountable governance
  • Making our elected representatives our servants, not our masters
  • Getting rid of liars, thieves and tyrants in government

In pursuit of these aims, Forvik undertakes all kinds of activities open to a Sovereign State. Forvik is part of Shetland and demonstrates what Shetland as a whole could be.

The purpose is to challenge the UK government to explain where their perceived authority in Shetland comes from.

These activities include:

  • Its own parliament (The Ting), able to pass legislation to back its activities, operating under a direct democracy system that gives power to the people, not the politicians. A guiding policy is that money generated will be usedfor helping people achieve their full potential, to promote and protect sustainable life and to gain freedom fromcorrupt politicians
  • Not recognising the UK government or the EU as its superiors
  • Low or Zero Taxes for Companies and Individuals
  • Issuing Citizenships and Passports
  • Issuing its own Currency - the Gulde, a gold-based currency with real value
  • Issuing its own Stamps
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Company Registrations
  • Vehicle Registration and Licensing
  • Ship and Aircraft Registration
  • Forvik Claims all rights to the seas and seabed in its waters
  • Duty-free Goods in Local Shops
  • Duty-free Fuel

All of these are available to Shetland if it simply asserts already existing rights and stops following the officially promoted line that Shetland is part of Scotland. That notion is built on sand - it never happened and only appears to have happened because of deception and subterfuge being perpetrated at the highest level. One aim of the Forvik project is to expose that deception and make the government accountable.

Long Term Aims

The long term aim is to show other communities, regions and nations that their politicians are there to represent, not to rule them - and that their destiny is in their own hands.

Forvik has no religious or party political affiliations