Current Actions

I'm taking a number of actions in order to get the UK government into court to explain how they derive their authority in Shetland. That authority is based on the notion that Shetland is part of Scotland. My research tells me that, not only did it never happen, but that it could never have happened.

I have no argument with the aims of the Shetland Islands Council and am in total agreement with convenor Sandy Cluness' list of services that Shetland should have control of, and which require Shetland to have more autonomy. However, the fact that the SIC is an arm of the Scottish Executive means it is an illegal authority that I am unable to recognise.

In order to bring things to a head I'm taking a number of actions that I hope will result in a legal confrontation that will force the government to explain their position. So far they seem reluctant to get into such a position.

Current actions include:

So far, no authority has challenged the legality of my actions. The longer this continues the more they acknowledge the validity of my position.