Withholding VAT and Income Tax

I am refusing to pay VAT allegedly due from my company Real Aerofoil Wing Sails Ltd. until HM Revenue and Customs can prove they have the authority to collect this tax.

Their authority is based on the assumption that Shetland is part of Scotland - which I challenge them to prove. They don't bother with the court process - you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent as under EU law. Their first action was to send in the bailiffs to my home address, leaving a 'Charge for Payment of Money', which threatened to seize my assets or make me bankrupt.They then attempted to take the money from my bank account.

The whole correspondence is here.

Watch this space.

Income Tax

I have not sent in my income tax forms, which has prompted HMRC to send me a couple of £100 penalties. I replied in similar vein to them and await their reply. That correspondence is here.