Forvik Catch Up

Sunday, 30 September 2012

This is a bit of a catch-up because I've not been able to report on events as they happened for one reason or another. The traffic 'offences' case is now over, so this seems a good time to bring you up to date.

Spending 12 days pleasuring Her Majesty gave me some time to reflect. I had gone through the appeal process and my arguments had been rejected by first a single judge, then a bench of three judges. I had always expected that this process of exposing the UK's lack of authority would be a matter of patiently working my way through the legal system until I got to an international court, but I suddenly realised that it can all be achieved much more quickly at a local level. Although I had lost the appeal, none of the appeal judges had taken account of the Crown's argument. The only support they had for the notion that Shetland is part of Scotland was a magazine article by Shetland archivist Brian Smith. Now Brian is a fine man, but by his own admission is not interested in any legal issues and his article is not admissible as court evidence. So, it's now official – the jurisdiction of the court and the whole power of Scotland, the UK and the EU in Shetland depends upon a non-admissible magazine article by a non-lawyer!

Of course, there is too much at stake for the UK to ever willingly relinquish their hold over Shetland and the Sheriff could never admit that he has no jurisdiction, but the Crown has now revealed its hand. The rules of evidence dictate that that the court can only take into account evidence produced at the time. This was all they produced at the jurisdiction hearing, so they've shot their bolt. They can brazen it out as much as they like, but their position is now revealed. It is now clear that the authority of Scotland and the UK in Shetland is based on nothing more than blind acceptance by the Shetland public. There is nothing behind it and it cannot be long before the whole scam is exposed.

I'd warned the court what I intended to do, so, rather than wait for Social Services to report my 'disobedience', the alleged Sheriff decided to jump the gun by taking matters into his own hands. I got a letter warning of the dire consequences if I continued to be disobedient. I knew I'd rattled his cage because it's completely out of line for the judge to communicate with an accused, let alone to threaten me with contempt of court and imprisonment if I didn't do what I was told in the court. A 'hearing' was set for 19 September. I wrote back to say that as the court had no proof of its jurisdiction, he would be impersonating a Sheriff and that I did not want to compound the crime. I would attend on the basis that it was a meeting to find a solution to the evident problem of applying justice in Shetland.

After I was released from jail there was a hearing at which the 52 remaining hours of community service were negotiated down to 15. Time to have some fun. Since the 'person' on the charge sheet is a legal fiction, I turned up on the appointed day with a representation of the legal fiction in hand, got it signed and left it for the required 15 hours - after which they can do with it whatever they wish: Notice of Identity

The 'hearing' turned out to be a shambles. As soon as I mentioned the word jurisdiction, I was either ridiculed or ignored. I refused to go into the dock, or to identify myself as the person on the complaint sheet. The alleged Sheriff called me a stupid old man and had me arrested and held in police cells for two hours – no warrant and apparently on a personal whim. When I was brought back to the 'court', he had a prepared statement which he delivered after saying that I would not be allowed to interrupt. In it he threatened me with psychiatric reports for the number of letters I'd written, contempt of court and imprisonment – ending up by saying he would do none of those and that he would not enforce the remaining 15 hours of unpaid work before making a fast exit. It was all bluff. He knew he did not possess the power to do any of it, but he could not simply back down. The clerk was confused and had not made her usual summing up, telling me what the decision was. I asked why I was arrested and was there a warrant? She gave me no reply and also left. I walked out with a smile on my face.

After the 'hearing' I wrote to the 'court' saying that, without proof of jurisdiction the alleged Sheriff and all the 'court officials' were guilty of the crime of impersonating their positions. I gave them seven days to refute the allegations, after which they would agree and would lose all right to deny them at a later date. That period has just expired, so I can assume they admit their crimes.

The way is now clear to push forward with documentation like passports, driving licences and all the other stuff that is dependent on having sufficient ammunition to shoot down any challenge. I've been working on a pilot order for two passports, which are intended to be used by somebody suffering persecution at the hands of corrupt officials and who may need to leave their country in a hurry. That will be a good test.

We now have prices for the passports. The normal one is £200, the diplomatic one is £450. The process for diplomatic passports involves setting up your own independent state, establishing diplomatic relations with Forvik and getting a letter of accreditation. All that paperwork is now ready and there will shortly be application forms on the website.

Onwards and upwards!