Supreme Court Judges in Contempt

Monday, 09 February 2015

Sovereign Nation of Shetland Media Brief

Release Date/time 21:00 9 February 2015.

Source: Sovereign Nation of Shetland Press Office.

Subject: Supreme Court Judges in Contempt

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Supreme Court Judges in Contempt

When the jurisdiction (authority) of a court is challenged, it cannot proceed until it hears proof from the party bringing the case. That, according to Stuart Hill is the law, and he has a mass of case files to prove it. However, when a question is too politically difficult, judges seem ready to ignore the law and go their own way.

Mr Hill said: “ I have found judges at every level in the Scottish system willing to break the law, ignore their own rules and the legislation, but I hoped it would be different in The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. Sadly, I was mistaken.”

When windfarm protest group Sustainable Shetland took their case to the Supreme Court last December, Mr Hill formally notified the court that it had no jurisdiction because Shetland is not part of Scotland. “It should have been a mere formality” he says. “There should have been a short hearing before the main business at which the judges would ask the party bringing the case to show that the court has jurisdiction. It's absolutely normal procedure and should only take ten minutes or so. The problem is that there is no such proof. The question has never been tested in the courts, so there is no case history for the lawyers to present to the court. Nobody wants to be the first one to try, because they know the whole 'Shetland Question' is based merely on presumption and has no legal basis. On the other hand there is plenty of case history showing that if judges act without jurisdiction, they are in contempt of court and acting fraudulently. Without jurisdiction, they have no more authority than the man in the street - it is a very serious criminal offence.”

Even before the case, Mr. Hill was faced with obstructive tactics. “It took a long email correspondence before I was able to get confirmation that my papers were in the case file. With generous help from my supporters I was able to attend the hearing, which evidently took there everybody by surprise. I found my papers had been placed in the court record, not the case file, so the judges could pretend they had not seen them. Evidently there was no plan B, because they just proceeded as if nothing had happened.”

I have formally notified the judges that the proceedings were void and that they acted outside their authority, none of which they deny. They lay themselves open to personal liability and accusations of criminal activity. Apparently the question is simply too politically sensitive to even contemplate. When I say Shetland is not part of Scotland, I know I'm right, they know I'm right and nobody can prove otherwise. If it is ever allowed into open court, the cat will be out of the bag. Nobody, but nobody, is allowed to go there.”

Yesterday, Lord Carnwath pronounced the court's decision. Stuart Hill commented “Five men who have heard no proof of their jurisdiction after it was legitimately challenged, who accept that they were impersonating judges and acting without authority; who acted fraudulently, outside the law and legislation and in defiance of their own rules, have allegedly made a valid decision. Five self-confessed criminals who apparently regard themselves as above the law have allegedly made a decision that we are expected to accept as a legitimate document issued by the highest court in the land. This is a sad day for British democracy.”

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